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Case Study of RIIFO UK - Briggs & Forrester Living

Just outside York, one of England’s finest and most beautiful historic cities, lies a development of 279 apartments in one of the area’s iconic buildings. The development of such an historic building brings challenges unlike those found in a newbuild apartment building, with high ceilings, existing internal structures and challenging site access.

Working with Briggs & Forrester, one of the largest Mechanical & Electrical sub-contractors in the UK, RIIFO UK offered a solution-based approach to the challenges this prestigious installation presented.

The use of RIIFO insulated pipework saved the need for a follow-on sub-contractors to insulate the pipework, saving considerable time and cost. The flexibility, rigidity, and low bend radius of the RIIFO pipe allowed it to be bent around existing roof structures without the need to add joints saving the installers considerable effort. Working with Rifeng HQ, RIIFO UK adopted the 25mm insulated pipe in larger 80m coils which delivered further cost savings and value to the contractor.

RIIFO UK worked closely with the chosen distribution partner to ensure all product was ready and available for a fast start to the installation and followed up with product training for the installer team. As the project progresses, operational management of stock ensures that the installer has what they need readily to hand to maximise the efficiency of the install process and minimise the amount of product on site at any given time.

The award of the order and use of pipe and fittings through RIIFO UK garnered huge recognition with both existing and potential clients and was a powerful announcement of the arrival of RIIFO UK in the building services market.