To be the Greatest Piping Brand in the World

Quality Takes Priority

Based on 100% high-quality raw materials, all RIIFO products are produced under rigorous quality control.
High-Quality Raw Materials
Our raw materials are from world-famous brands. And our products are certified by renowned International Standards Organizations, such as QB, NSF, AENOR, etc.
  • Rigorous Quality Control
    We always believe that quality materials and strict quality control and tests are the foundation for the quality products that RIIFO delivers.
  • Responsible for a Sustainable Future

    Living our goal – ‘Ideal piping solutions for everyone’ – means being a responsible and reputable company to build customers’ trust, loyalty, and confidence and contribute to the sustainability in the areas where  we operate.
    Responsible for Environment
  • Energy-saving actions. To date, RIIFO has invested 19 million dollars in installing solar panels that cover an area of 290,000 square meters. This photovoltaic system can save more than 3,000 tons of coal, reduce about 9,200 tons of carbon dioxide (CO₂) emission, up to 280 tons of sulfur dioxide (SO₂) emission, and over 2,510 tons of dust emission.
  • EPD certification. A total of ten products obtained EPD certification, including but not limited to PP-R pipes, PEX pipes, PVC drainage pipes, multilayer pipes, crimp fittings and press fittings.
  • Responsible for Customers
  • Listen to your voice. To understand customers' needs, we seize every opportunity to listen to our customers’ voices carefully, ensuring that we never lose sight of the whole picture. We actively participate in various fair trades and hold seminars for our customers. Each opportunity enables us to get more proximity to our customers.
  • Offer versatile  services. We offer versatile  and always appropriate services. We  never stop improving our service level. That's why, among other things, we have established a complaint management system so that your voice is  always heard.
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